Learn the German sentence structure in 10 days!

Basics of the German Sentence Structure - Self Study Course

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That´s what you will learn in the 10-Day-Course:

We explain you in a simple and easily understandable way:

  • The most important Basics of German Sentence Structure and easy rules to follow when building a sentence
  • Where do you put the verb and the subject?
  • Where do you put the pronoun, the time and everything else? 
  • Many exercises for you to practise the new content immediately 
  • Learn the correct word order of German main clauses and dependant clauses
  • Understand why the German sentence structure sometimes changes and how to remember when

10 Day - Course Preview

Day 1 - Introduction

Day 2 - Structure of simple German Sentences Part 1

Day 3 - Structure of simple German Sentences Part 2

Day 4 - How to ask Questions in German?

Day 5 - Sentence Brackets Part 1

Day 6 - Sentence Brackets Part 2

Day 7 - Coordinating Conjunctions

Day 8 - Subordinating Conjunctions

Day 9 - Adverbial Conjunctions

Day 10 - Summary and Final Test

Your teachers:

Anja Autor

Anja von Learn German with Anja

Hello, I am Anja and I have founded my Youtube-Channel "Learn German with Anja" 3 years ago. My main goal is that my students have fun while learning German. In case you struggle with the German sentence structure you have to enroll in our course and finally master the German sentence structure.


Jan Richter von EasyDeutsch

I teach German as a foreign language since 2003. And with my website EasyDeutsch (www.easy-deutsch.de) I want to show the world, that German isn't hard at all, it's just explained in a very complicated way. Let's start with the German sentence structure!

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