​​​​Britta Friedrich – German Teacher

Deutschlehrerin Britta Friedrich

​Britta Friedrich

Native language:


Languages of instruction:

​German & English

Further languages:

Spanish (A2)






20,50 Euro - 45min

92,50 Euro - 5 lesson Package (10% ​discount)


Wednesday to Monday - 8 am - 10 pm (CET)

Who am I?

Are you looking for an interesting and energetic way to learn German?

I offer 1-1 and group classes as well as courses and seminars. The focus in all lessons is on communication, because that is, why languages exist.

It is very important for me, that...

  • you get self-confident when speaking,
  • you will be able to do all things important to you in German,
  • you are having fun – both in the lesson and when using the German language.

I am a teacher out of passion. Within the lesson I prefer a very hand on approach. I worked as a job counsellor and vocational trainer for many years. Since 2017 I teach German online.

My professional background is in economics and hospitality:

  • diploma as office executive
  • degree in business administration (main focus on HR-management, company organization and IT, controlling)
  • trained chef
  • TEFL-teacher

When I worked as a job counsellor, I helped German and international job seekers to find work. During this time, I worked with people of all industries and classes.

Please find more details about my qualifications on LinkedIn:


Personal strengths:

  • I am very patient, and a common feedback of my students is, that I am easy to talk to.
  • I speak clearly and slowly (if necessary).
  • My lessons are well structured, organized and easy to understand.

In addition, I have …

  • detailed knowledge of the German job-market, the application process and the German business culture.
  • knowledge and experience in hospitality.

Hobbies and Interests:

Teaching is my passion and I therefore spend a lot of my leisure time preparing new material and courses. Actually, I always have more ideas than time.

I love to read and sometimes I watch a good movie. For balance I like to hike or craft. And sometimes I just sit in the sun and eat ice-cream.

Lessons: Online via Skype oder Zoom

  • 1-1 lessons
  • lesson of different topics for small groups (clubs)
  • seminars of topics, which are best practised in a group (discussions, presentations, preparation for an assessment centre)

For more and up-to-date information, please visit my website. (https://www.magicgerman.de/)

Contact me:

Website: https://www.magicgerman.de/

Facebook: ​​https://www.facebook.com/groups/BusinessGerman/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/britta-friedrich/

E-Mail: [email protected]


Trial Class: 0.99 Euro - 45 min

Communication training – Optimize your German language skills in 1-1 lessons:

  • EUR 20.50 / 45 minutes
  • EUR 92.50 / 5 lesson package (10% discount)

Conversation training (small groups) - Practise your German skills in a small group setting, while discussing interesting topics (visit website for current offers or contact me via email):

  • EUR 12.50 / lesson
  • EUR 56.25 / 5 lesson package (10% discount)

Help with your application or preparation for an interview:

  • EUR 37.50 / 45 minutes
  • EUR 178,00 / 5 lesson package (5% discount)
  • EUR 337.50 / 10 lesson package (10% discount)

Additional courses and seminars:

  • Business German (use German business related terminology in the correct way) – 1-1 lessons
  • Intensive Training (Communication and Business German) – month long seminars
  • Self-study courses (different topics)

Please visit my website for the up-to-date list.

Brittas Freebies

You can find free material and challenges on my website https://www.magicgerman.de/.

That´s why I am the perfect teacher for you!

Quote: Der Mensch soll lernen, nur die Ochsen büffeln. (Erich Kästner)

That´s what my students say:

Britta Deutschlehrerin - Schülerin Julia
Britta Deutschlehrerin - Schülerin Monika
Britta Deutschlehrerin - Schüler Ron

Your Review:

You took classes with ​Britta and want to share your experience? Perfect! Let us know what you think!

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