Chapter 2: Articles │ German Grammar

What is an Article?

  1. In general every noun comes with an article. Articles come before nouns.
  2. They give the following information about nouns:

There are different types of articles:

Chapter 2: German Articles - Overview

Articles: 2.01. Definite and Indefinite Articles

Definite and Indefinite Articles
The definite article is used when talking about something specific. The indefinite article is used when we talk about something unspecified. You have to decline both.
Definite Article:der Mann“, „die Frau“, „das Kind“
Indefinite Article: der Mann“, „eine Frau“, „ein Kind“

Articles: 2.02. The Zero Articles

The Zero Articles
In general every noun comes with an article, but there are exceptions. Sometimes we don´t use an article. If we don´t use an article it´s called the zero article
Example: „Dort stehen Autos.“ (No article before "Autos")

Articles: 2.03. The Possessive Articles

The Possessive Articles
Possessive articles describe to whom or what something belongs. They show ownership or belonging.
Example: „Das ist Anna. Ihre Katze spielt im Garten.“

Articles: 2.04. The Negative Article "kein"

The Negative Article kein
The Negative Article „kein“ is the same as the negation „kein“. It negates nouns without articles and nouns with indefinite articles. You have to decline „kein“.
Example: „Das ist kein Mann.“

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