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Study in germany

How to study in Germany?

Quick Navigation Was ist der Konjunktiv 1?Was ist indirekte Rede?Bildung des Konjunktiv 1Zeitformen im Konjunktiv 1Feste Wendungen im Konjunktiv 1Konjunktiv 1 in der UmgangsspracheWeiterführende Informationen How do I apply for a study place in Germany? Studying in Germany is an interesting opportunity to students of all parts of the world. For years, the number of […]

Dilyana Konversationskurs

Practice your German

Regardless of your current grammar level, you have the same goals as everyone else: to speak German and be able to communicate your thoughts and ideas. Right? In this article, I will show how to do just that. It doesn’t matter where you live, whether or not you have German friends, or if you are a […]

Deutsche Musik

Learn German with Music #11

This song from 1984 is about war and destruction! In my opinion it´s the best German Rock Song ever! Unfortunatly the last years were marked by war and expulsion. The song talks about hate and and greed and how people kill each other and destroy our planet. “Das Buch” – The book talks about the […]

39 Prefixes for gehen

German Words – 39 Prefixes for „gehen“

„Gehen“ is a very versatile verb. You can combine it with many different prefixes. Check out it´s 39 prefixes with examples and translations!


German Dictation – A2/B1 – Flüchtlinge bedroht

Mit diesem Diktat kannst du dein Hörverstehen verbessern und Schreiben üben. Außerdem lernst du Vokabeln zum Thema Flüchtlinge in Deutschland


German Dictation Level A2 – At the Hotel

Dictation: At the Hotel – Show text? Im Hotel:Rezeptionist: Herzlich willkommen, wie kann ich Ihnen helfen? Gast: Hallo, ich habe ein Doppelzimmer gebucht! Rezeptionist: Wie ist ihr Name? Gast: Jan Richter Rezeptionist: Ich habe hier eine Reservierung für ein Doppelzimmer mit getrennten Betten für 3 Nächte, ist das korrekt? Gast: 3 Nächte ist korrekt, aber ich möchte gern ein Doppelbett […]


At the Hotel – German Vocabulary & B1 Text

At the hotel – German words and vocabulary that you need for your hotel stay in Germany. There is a list with the most important German words that you will need in a hotel together with a B1-text where you can see most of the words in context!  Vocabulary – Hotel in General das Hotel […]


German Words: Silvester and New Years Day

This post is about German Vocabulary that you need if you spend New Years Eve (Silvester) and New Years Day in Germany, Austria or Switzerland. Learn the vocabulary and learn how to say “Happy New Year” in German. Quick Navigation Wie sagt man “Happy New Year” auf Deutsch?Silvester und Neujahrs Vokabeln – TraditionSilvester und Neujahrs […]


EasyDeutsch – Cases Explained on Examples #1

In this post I will explain you the German cases on examples. I will analyse the sentences and I will explain you why you have to use the certain case that was used in the sentence! That will help you to understand the German cases better because they are pretty straight forward. My motto: German […]


Vocabulary List #5: Christmas

This article is about the celebration of love and caring: Christmas. You will find a short explanation why we actually celebrate it and all the vocabulary that you need to talk about Christmas. Why do we celebrate Christmas? Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas Day is the 25. December but […]

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