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German NUmbers

German Numbers – From 0 to 10.000.000

Learn the German numbers. │ Audios and videos to practise your listening comprehension and all German numbers in an overview


Vocabulary List #5: Christmas

This article is about the celebration of love and caring: Christmas. You will find a short explanation why we actually celebrate it and all the vocabulary that you need to talk about Christmas. Why do we celebrate Christmas? Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas Day is the 25. December but […]

Work & Profession in German

Work and Professions in German

This article is about jobs and all of the phrases, verbs, and words that you need to be able to talk about the topic. If your German is advanced, you can also read this article entirely in German.   Asking about someone’s job: Was bist du von Beruf? – Ich bin Arzt. What is your […]


50 German Words – Halloween

Vocabulary Galery: Halloween 50 German Words about Halloween For any further question do not hesitate to write a comment! I will answer your questions! [easy-social-like facebook=”true” facebook_url=”https://www.facebook.com/EasyDeutsch” twitter_follow=”true” twitter_follow_user=”EasyDeutsch” google_follow=”true” google_follow_url=”https://plus.google.com/b/103119812796307817812″ youtube=”true” youtube_chanel=”UCluY2ph0_l4rwlYEz_xHM6g” pinterest_pin=”true” skin=”flat” counters=0 align=”left”] [easy-social-share buttons=”facebook,twitter,vk,google,weibo,whatsapp,mail” counters=0 hide_names=”yes” template=”clear-retina” facebook_text=”Auf Facebook teilen” twitter_text=”Auf Twitter teilen” vk_text=”Auf VK teilen” google_text=”Auf Google+ teilen” weibo_text=”Auf […]


German Words – 30 Prefixes for “kommen”

“Kommen” is a very versatile verb. You can combine it with many different prefixes. Because it´s a verb of movement you can combine it with almost every locative preposition. A verb made out of two parts is also called compound verb. The meaning depends on the prefix. Write down the new words and learn their meaning! […]


German Music – 10 Songs that will boost your German

10 Songs, 10 Different Artists, 10 Different Genres, 10 Vocabulary Lists, and 10 English Translations. Are you learning German and looking for beautiful songs that will help you improve your listening comprehension and teach you some new vocabulary? Then you’re in the right place! Many people think that German sounds cold and rude. My opinion […]


German Words #2 – The parts of the body

At the doctors you often have to explain where and which part of your body hurts. But without the German words for the different parts of teh body that´s quiet difficult. I set up a list of the most important parts of the body in German. German Words: Körperteile / Parts of the body Der […]


German Words #1 – Das Auto / The Car

Almost everybody has a car in Germany. But do you know how we call the different parts of a car? I set up a list of the 20 most important German words that describe the different parts of a car. German Words: The parts of a car die Antenne (n) = the antenna die Windschutzscheibe […]


German Dictation – A1/A2 – At the doctors

In this dictation you learn something about vistiting a doctor in Germany and you will improve your listening comprehension and your writing skills. Explanation: I will read the whole text. I will repeat the first sentence and dictate everything word by word. You listen carefully and write down the text on your computer or a […]


Deutsch lernen mit Musikvideos #7

This song will teach you German words about war, military and aggression. This song was published in the 1980´s but in times of civil war in Syria and Iraque it couldn´t be more up-to date. Learn the German words and share it with your friends if you are against war and killing of people for […]

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