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German Music – 10 Songs that will boost your German

By Jan von EasyDeutsch | A1 , A2 , B1 , German Music , Listening Comprehension , Videos , Vocabulary

10 Songs, 10 Different Artists, 10 Different Genres, 10 Vocabulary Lists, and 10 English Translations. Are you learning German and looking for beautiful songs that will help you improve your listening comprehension and teach you some new vocabulary? Then you’re in the right place! Many people think that German sounds cold and rude. My opinion […]


Learn German Words with Music #8

By Jan von EasyDeutsch | A2 , German Music , Listening Comprehension , Videos , Vocabulary

With this song you can learn new words about love, relationship, separation and feelings. If you listen to German music regulary you can improve you listening comprehension skills. Beside the video you will find the lyrics and the most important vocabulary with it´s Translation. Jupiter Jones – Still Taken from Vocabulary still – silent […]


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