German Teacher – Lena Konstantinidis

Lena Deutschlehrer

Lena Konstantinidis - Lernplan

Native Language:


Teaching in:

EN (C1), FRZ (C1)

Further Languages:

IT (B1), Schwedish (A1)




22€ - 45min


Sun & Mon 8 am to 2 pm CET

Sun & Mon 2 pm to 9 pm CET

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Lena. I study French and Italian at the university and have taught English and German for a few years. I am also learning Swedish for fun.To learn with me is a lot of fun; I will motivate you to reach your goals. We will work together at your own learning pace so that you will become better at learning the language of your choice.

Personal Strengths / Assets:​

  • ​Conversation
  • The fast application of what you've learned

Hobbies and Interests:

I love learning languages and to help others to reach their goals. Additionally, I like to travel and learn about the culture, cuisine and people of other countries.


Online via Skype​

Website: www.lernplan.com​


  • Per 45min: 22€
  • Small groups or couples: possible, price on request
  • Trial lesson: no

Your Opinion:

You had some classes with Lena? Perfect! Let us know what you think about her!