Don´t fail your
B1 German exam!

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In this course you will learn:


The Structure

Be prepared and know the structure and the exercises inside out!

How much time doch you have?

What is the task?


Time Saving Method

The more time you save skipping unimportant things, the more time you have for the answers.
Besides, you are much more relaxed!


Examiner Eyes

What does the examiner pay attention to?
Focus on the important things, not the unimportant ones!



I'll show you strategies and hacks for finding the right answers, even if you don't understand all the words in the text or the conversation.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who is preparing themselves or students for a B1 exam at TELC / the Gothe Institute or ÖSD.
Ideally you still have 4-5 weeks until the exam, but even if you only have one week left, this course will help you achieve a better result on your B1 exam.

Your instructors:

JAn Richter Autor EasyDeutsch

Jan Richter 

(Instructor & Course Creator)

Jan has been teaching German since 2014 and has published his several ebooks on and established a new and simplified way of explaining German grammar. He can explain complicated things in a way that everyone understands.
He has already helped hundreds of students learn German in Brazil, the Philippines and online and his website is visited daily by several thousand people in search of grammar explanations.

Deutschlehrerin Sitsa

Sitsa Giogoroglou

(Course Creator & Language Examiner)

Sitsa Gioroglou is a Greek & German as a Foreign Language teacher, language consultant and examiner.
As a teacher she is specialized in exam preparation and is also a recognized TELC examiner herself.

Can I use this course to prepare for A1, A2, B2 or other exams?

The course was specially designed for the B1 TELC / Goethe / ÖSD exam. The basic principles and strategies can partly be applied in other exams as well. However, I cannot guarantee this and recommend buying the course only if you are preparing for the B1 exam.

Don´t fail your
B1 German exam!



Satisfaction- &


Secure Payment

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