German Adjective Declension │ Step-by-Step Guide

Welcome to my Step-by-Step Guide: Adjective Declension. This is a summary of the most important rules to make it easy. Detailed information about adjective declension can be found in the lecture: Adjective Declension.

Short Summary of General Rules

The adjective ending depends on the article in front and the case.

Different articles in front (definite article, indefinite article, possessive or negative article) of the adjective require different adjective endings.

Step1: Is there an article before the adjective?


⇒ Add the ending of the definite article (der, die ,das,…) for that case

  • „schnelle Autos“ (die Autos)

Exception: Genitive masculine & neutral use an „en“ ending

YES: ⇒ Onward to Step 2

Step2: Is there “viele”, “einige”, “mehrere” or “manche” before the adjective?


⇒ Add the ending of the definite article (der, die ,das,…) for that case

  • „ viele schnelle Autos“ (die Autos)

No: ⇒ Onward to Step 3

Step 3: Is it dative, genitive, plural or accusative masculine?


⇒ Add the ending „en“

  • „mit den schnellen Autos“   (Dative Plural)
  • „die schnellen Autos“  (Nominative Plural)

No: ⇒ Onward to Step 4

Step 4: Does the article have an ending?


⇒ Add the ending of the definite article for the corresponding case

  • ein schnelles Auto“   (das Auto – Nominative)
  • ein schöner Mann“  (der Mann – Nominative)


⇒ Add the ending „e“

  • „das schnelle Auto“   (Nominative Neuter)
  • „eine schöne Frau“  (Nominative Feminine)

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Which ending for  the adjejctive?

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