German teacher – Dilyana Hunley

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Dilyana Hunley- Germanskills

Native language:

Bulgarian, German (C2)

Teaching in:

DE, EN, IT, Bulgarian

Further Languages:

Russian (B1)



2 x 90min Trial Lessons + Placement


Mon - Sat  07am to 9pm  CET

Who am I?

Hi, are you also an expat? Someone who moved to Germany for work, for love or just for the adventure and is looking for a different type of experience? Then you've come to the right place.

I provide personal coaching to help expats and their partners

  • to adapt as smoothly as possible in their new environment.
  • to develop the language skills you need in order to communicate with confidence.
  • to listen and understand you
  • to coach and support you in unknown and uncomfortable situations.
  • to train you to adapt.
  • to overcome embarrasment and build a community and the life that you moved for.

If you are interested in making the most out of your German experience and would love to check out the chemistry between us, I'm more than curious to meet you.

Personal Strenghts:​

  • Living abroad: Expat myself, I’ve lived in 5 different countries (so far: Germany, USA, Italy, Bulgaria and Hungary), so I understand how you feel.
  • Learning Languages: (currently I'm working on my 5. foreign language, so I know what´s ahead of you)
  • Intercultural Coach: I can help you with strategies that work
  • Highly motivated German teacher with tons of experience (+ M.A. Linguistics, Teaching German as a foreign language and Lingustic Engineering) - you can trust me.

Hobbies and Interests:

Teaching German and personal development are not only my profession, but also my passion. I love to travel. I love people, different cultures, traditions and life styles. That’s why I do what I so with so much devotion, commitment and joy.


Personal and online



2 x 90min free trial lessons

  • Individual Learning Needs Assessment
  • Personal Learning Plan
  • Free daily or weekly learning prompts and tips


  • 10 x 45min: 397€
  • 20 x 45min: 797€
  • 50 x 45min: 1997€
  • 100 x 45min: 3897€ (Savings: 100€)

Couples: 50 x 45min: 2997€ (Savings: 997€)

All prices are part of full learning programs, incl. multimedia learning materials, training-on-the-go and other freebies. For more infos:!programs/c22nt

Dilyanas Freebies

1) The 5 Step Guide to Learning German - register here:!learningsecrets/cb9c

2) Schluss mit den typischen Fehlern - jede Woche kostenlose Übungen direkt in deiner Mailbox. Jetzt abonnieren:

I’m here to teach you the German skills you need in the most effective, flexible and fun way.

German teacher – Dilyana Hunley Dilyana 
German Language Expert and Expat Coach at

Here is why I am the perfect German teacher for you!

What my students say about working with me:

German teacher – Dilyana Hunley
Christopher HunleyDirector at Novartis Vaccines, Italy

Learning a language takes a lot of hard work [...] But working with someone who inspires you to begreat, and has the knowledge and skills to help you get there makes all the difference.

German teacher – Dilyana Hunley
Dale CooperRegional Head Clinical Operations at CSL Behring, Australia

It is such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.I lead meetings with Germany and Switzerland inGerman and more than anything else –I amnow funny in German. I really am;[...] it was the goalI most wanted to achieve.

German teacher – Dilyana Hunley
Ahmed El ShafieOphthalmologist, St.-Vincentius-Kliniken Klinik für Augenheilkunde

She didn't stick to the standard methods of teaching in language courses... She was amazingly able to integrate with different people from different countries, with different cultures, languages and different goals for learning the language.

Desmond Wichems E-Learning Specialist at Agilent Technologies, Germany

Learning with Dilyana is very engaging, the time goes by quickly. We get to talk about things that I can actually use outside with German people. For me that's very useful.

Christine Wichems Head of Clinical Writing, CSL Behring, Germany

Dilyana is so much more than a German teacher. She is also fantastic in understanding the ups and downs of being an expat and what’s important to you in any particular time. She exhibits nimbleness and flexibility in tailoring the lessons to make it appropriate for what you need at that time. She is absolutely full of life and fantastic to work with. Her enthusiasm for language is contagious. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to learn from her.

Your Opinion:

You had some classes with Dilyana? Perfect! Let us know what you think about her!

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