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Janna Kolleck Deutschlehrerin

Jana Kolleck

Native Language:


Teaching Language:

Lessons are held in German.

Further Languages




40 € - 60 min

Discounts on Request


Mon - Fri by arrangement

Who am I?

My name is Jana and I come from the beautiful city of Hanover in Lower Saxony... Yes exactly, the city with the clearest and best German ;-)
I am a native German speaker and have been passionate about learning languages all my life. I travel a lot and love to get to know other people and cultures. I lived in Cape Town for a while and currently my second home is in New York City.
Therefore, working with other people and their interest in German culture and language is one of my greatest passions.
My students appreciate me for my flexible approach to their existing language skills and practice-oriented lessons. Fun and humor is the top priority for me in my lessons , as having fun while learning has been proven to achieve more effective and long-term success.

Personal strengths

  • I work in a practical and student-centered way.
  • I have a great deal of passion for this subject.
  • Clear and distinct language (natural High German) 
  • It never gets boring, as I will motivate you to learn German with humor and fun and get you excited about the language and culture.
  • I can adapt to and understand my students to guarantee optimal learning success.

Hobbies and interests

Dancing, fitness boxing, good food and trying out new recipes, traveling, snorkeling and discovering underwater worlds, road trips and camping, wellness.


Online via Zoom or in Hannover


40€ per 60min 

45, 60 and 90 Minute Lessons

Discounts on Request

Couples and Groups: On Request

Trial Lesson: Yes, free - 30min

Quote that I identify with the most:

Traveling - it leaves you speechless, then it turns you into a storyteller. (Ibn Battuta)

That's why I am the perfect teacher for you!

Whether you find German interesting and want to immerse yourself in the culture, country and people, or whether German is of great importance for your professional context... I can respond flexibly to your personal learning situation and help you to improve your skills quickly!

An ideal lesson for me is when you have improved your language skills. So I don't just focus on communicative skills with you, but can also help you to optimize your self-confidence when speaking German.

I also have a qualified university degree and many years of professional experience in the field of language teaching and I continue my training every year. This gives me access to modern and innovative teaching and learning methods.

My lessons feel easy and like a conversation between friends. I am humorous and motivated, which makes my lessons effective and in a relaxed atmosphere.

My teaching focus:

  • General communication training in everyday life and at work
  • Preparation and support in professional settings such as discussion groups, job interviews, personal interviews and free presentations
  • Students from language level B1

Contact Jana directly and arrange a trial lesson:

Website: https://www.janakolleck.com/

E-Mail: [email protected]

What do my students say?

Businesskurs, C1

Ich hatte kürzlich das Vergnügen, Deutschunterricht bei Jana zu nehmen und ich bin von ihren Lehrfähigkeiten unglaublich beeindruckt. Ihr Unterricht war gut strukturiert und sie beantwortete geduldig alle meine Fragen. Ich habe das Gefühl, dass mein Verständnis und meine Fähigkeiten in der Sprache erheblich verbessert wurden. Ich empfehle Jana wärmstens jedem, der Deutsch lernen oder verbessern möchte. Vielen Dank, Jana! 

Volodymyr, Ukraine

Intensivkurs/Einzelunterricht, B2/C1

Outstanding German language teacher! The valuable constructive feedback provided on assignments has played a pivotal role in enhancing my language skills. Highly recommended! 

Marcin, Polen

Einzelunterricht, B1

Jana is a wonderful teacher. She's always pleasant and patient. She's quick to point out small errors to help with grammar and pronunciation. She's open to working with you on your terms and needs depending on the areas you need to focus on. She has a great sense of humor and really makes learning fun. I would highly recommend her.

Kevin, USA

Businesskurs, B2-C1

Jana has done a great job helping me improve my language skills including assessment of my knowledge, recommending areas for improvement and tailoring the program to my needs. What I found particularly helpful is Jana's ability to explain more challenging aspects of German language in a simple and understandable way. On top of this Jana is very professional and easy to understand (speaks high Deutsch with no accent). I strongly recommend Jana. 

Igor, Schweiz

Einzelunterricht B1-B2

Jana ist eine ausgezeichnete Tutorin. Sie ist sehr freundlich und geduldig. It's my first time to learn a language and at first I feel a bit shy and worried. However, Jana is very experienced and helps me a lot on what I doubt and explains everything clearly. I can't wait to start the next lessons with her. Definitely recommend her!

Rebecca, Macao


I had a few lessons with Jana so far, and I really enjoyed the lessons with her and learnt already a lot. She is a very competent teacher, she is kind and patient which makes the verbal interaction and the whole learning experience very pleasant and effective. She is also flexible with booking the hours which I also find very helpful. I am very satisfied and totally recommend her. 

Sareh, Iran

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