​​​​Holger Krüger – German Teacher

Holger Deutschlehrer

Holger Krüger

Native language:


Teaching in:

German / English

Further languages:

Spanish (A2)




Holger Krüger


Holger Krueger German Teacher


30€ - 55min


Mon - Sat  from 3pm to midnight CET

Who am I?

You would like to learn German in a personal, relaxed but still structured way? You don´t need a course, that just follows a standard agenda without considering the students personal and individual needs? Like you learned German years ago and want to brush up some knowledge? You need to pass a certain exam for migration reasons? You already live in Germany several years and you want to get to a native speaker level?

In my classes we are going to get a feeling together for your personal goals, of whatever YOU need in order to use the language perfectly in YOUR personal situation. So we will tailor-made the course especially for you.

I was born in Hamburg, Germany. I lived and worked there for over 30 years until i went to Mexico. I live for over 5 years in Playa del Carmen now with my mexican wife. So i perfectly understand how it feels like, coming to a foreign country and start a new life there.

I worked for over 10 years in Marketing as a Key Account Manager and Country Manager but got fed-up with it and now work as an Online German Teacher for more than 4 years now.

Personal Strenghts

I guess that my biggest strength is, that i easily can create a comfortable, trustfulrelaxed learning anthomsphere. In this situation ist always easier for students to stay motivated and study the language without stress. I am flexible and still leading the students to the point they want to be

Hobbys and Intrests:

I am interested in history, philosophy, psychology and politics in a wider international/ historical context. I also like to listen to people and their stories.



Contact me:

Website - Facebook: Deutschlehrer / German teacher / Maestro de Aleman

Whatsapp: +5219842146674

Email: [email protected]

Skype: Holger Krueger German Teacher


1x 55min = 30€

10x 55min = 270€ (10% Rabatt)

Couples / Groups: On Request

Trail: yes, 30min

Holgers Freebies

We will work together with Google Drive. I will supply all the necessary informations and exercise materials, which at any time can be downloaded without any cost by the student. The student does not have to worry about any material, but of course he/ she can always feel free to bring any additional material to the classes.

That´s why I am the perfet match!

If you speak German, English or Spanish, i am more than happy to learn German with you! I work as an Intercultural Communication Coach with the focus on languages and Psychology.

I already workd for over 4 years fort he online language school called „Lingoda“ with student from all around the world. My in-average rating has been at least 4.8 from 5 points – teaching more than 80 hours per month  with almost always changing students. On top i already have my own students for a few years now and could successfully help passing German tests for migration departments in Germany and Switzerland.

 The focus should always be on speaking as well but of course i am flexible. It deos not matter, whether you want to practice speaking, grammar, listening, you need documents translated or you want to practice for a certain exam – i will always customize the lessons according tot he goals.

Contact Holger and schedule a trail class now!

Facebook: Deutschlehrer / German teacher / Maestro de Aleman

Whatsapp: +5219842146674

Email: [email protected]

Skype: Holger Krueger German Teacher

Your Opinion:

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