Jelka Greiner – German Teacher

Jelka Deutschlehrerin Konversation

Jelka Greiner - German Teacher

Native Language:

German, Swiss German

Teaching in:

German, English B2

Other Languages:

Slovenian B1, French A2



+41 79 441 66 84


33 CHF / 60min


Mon, Wed & Thu from 09 to 19 CET

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Jelka, and I am Swiss from Bern. German is my mother tongue, and of course I speak Swiss German (Berndeutsch).

I live most of the time and almost 4 years now in Slovenia in the countryside and since the beginning of 2022 I teach conversation lessons in German as a foreign language for adults.

Conversation classes with ease and fun 

  • Do you want to speak German more fluently?
  • Do you want to philosophize about life with your friends?
  • Do you want to be able to converse with people in everyday life, on the bus, at the bar, and while shopping?
  • Do you want to join in the shoptalk at work?
  • Do you finally want to speak German without fear?

Are you also one of those learners who have a sufficient command of grammar or have already had many years of German lessons, but still don't dare to speak German? Or is theory not so important to you and you prefer to learn a language by just speaking it?

I will help you speak German more fluently and without fear by providing a relaxed and safe space where we will talk and practice at your own pace. Soon you and those around you will notice the difference.

Learning a new language should be fun!

Personal Strengths:

Conversation: My main focus is conversation. We chat about all kinds of things in a casual and relaxed environment. It should feel like two friends meeting for coffee. Together, with ease and fun, we will get the best out of you.

Individual: My classes and the topics we discuss are individually tailored to you and your needs. Simple everyday conversation, in-depth conversations in selected topics, job-specific conversation, preparation for the Swiss citizenship test, Swiss German .... many things are possible.

One-to-one lessons: In one-to-one conversation lessons you always have your say. Guaranteed speaking experience!

Being me: With my life experience, my empathic and cheerful manner, as well as my education and experience as a social educationalist, I offer you authentic and real life conversation lessons.

Honestly: For grammatical topics I recommend to choose another German teacher, who is specialized in that and surely has much more fun with it than I do.

Hobbies and Interests:

I have been and still am traveling often abroad to discover new things in an adventurous way. I love being in nature, gardening and capturing small moments of life and impressive landscapes on photos. Furthermore, personal development and exploring the invisible energetic worlds are my constant and fulfilling companions.


  • online via WhatsApp or Skype
  • conversation classes for adults
  • for advanced German learners (from level A2)
  • also possible conversation in Swiss German (especially Bernese German)


  • Per 60min: 33 CHF
  • 10 x 60min: 320 CHF
  • Trial lesson: Yes, 30min

In a space where you feel comfortable, the impossible becomes possible.

That's why I'm the perfect teacher for you!

  • My lessons are completely individual and tailored to your needs.
  • The lessons feel like a conversation between friends.
  • Because with fun, everything is much easier and it is healthy too.

If you feel addressed, then contact me for a free trial lesson without any obligations. In these 30 minutes we have time to get to know each other, to discuss your goals and last but not least, to find out, if I am really the right teacher for you and if I can offer you this what you expect.

I'm really looking forward to getting to know you and deepening your German conversation skills together and, of course, celebrating your successes!

This is what my students say !

Learning German with Jelka is always a great fun and I would recommend her to anyone who seeks to improve their knowledge of German, or get into the secrets of its Swiss version. Personally I feel now much more comfortable & confident to speak German than before. The lessons are never boring and there is always another conversation topic to explore.


Jelka is a great tutor that really helped me become more fluent and lose my fear of speaking German. Conversational lessons with Jelka were always well prepared and full of interesting topics. Jelka also provided me useful feedback and suggested grammar areas that I can improve. Last but not least learning with Jelka was relaxing and entertaining. I would strongly recommend Jelka to everyone.


Jelka is an excellent teacher. She helped me improve my speaking and writing skills. We have weekly conversations in a nice and pleasant working atmosphere. I can say she helped me gain confidence when speaking with native speakers and even go to job interviews in German. This is why I kindly recommend her to other German speaking people. If you want to make a lot of progress in a few time, Jelka can help you!


Jelka is an excellent conversation tutor. She is easy to speak with and makes a special effort to try and find topics that are relevant to me. She also is very good at suggesting different resources that make the lessons more interesting as well as different techniques that have helped me to become more fluent in German. Highly recommend!


My German improved significantly when I started lessons with Jelka. She is an incredible and talented teacher. She always prepare for the lesson beforehand and always listens to you needs. We were preparing for the naturalization interview and it went very smooth and successful. I have passed my test with excellent results. And now we continue lessons where I learn more Swiss German dialect, which is super helpful for expats. I highly recommend Jelka for anyone who is learning German.


Jelka is a fantastic teacher! I started to learn German from zero and already after taking few classes I was able to order a coffee in a bakery. Jelka is a passionate, supportive and fun teacher! She is very friendly and positive! Her classes are interesting and exciting. I highly recommend Jelka to anyone learning German!!!


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