Angelina – German teacher

Deutschlehrerin Angelina

Angelina Bertrand

Native language:

German, Croatian

Languages of instruction:

German, English, Croatian

Further languages:

French (A2) & Arab (A1)






25€ - 45 min

249 Euro/Paket 11 x 45 min


Mon-Sun from 6:30pm CET

Who am I?

Hello! My Name is Angelina and I am a certified German teacher with several years of teaching experience and knowledge, which I would like to pass on to my students all over the world. My German courses are mainly for

  • German learners that want to take an exam,
  • Students, who want to study in Germany as well as
  • Expats, who are considering moving to a German-speaking country because of work or who have already moved there and/or
  • Whose partners are already in a German-speaking country and need a beginner course

I design my German lessons

  • effectively – so that you can see progress quickly
  • personally – so that you can already say a lot in the communication exercise
  • interesting – so that you always stay motivated

My hobbies are reading and sports, but also learning foreign languages, which I also finalize with exams. This enables me to understand my learners during learning obstacles they are often facing.

Lessons: Online via Skype oder Zoom

Contact me:



Whatsapp: 00961 76 859 491

Email: [email protected]


25 Euro - 45 min.

249 Euro - 11 x 45 min.  (10€ Discount)

Including: Individual Learning Plan, Trial Exams, Correction of Writing Assignments and Coaching for Oral Presentations, Many Additional Materials

Couples and Group Sessions: upon request 

Trial Lesson: yes, 30min

Who am I?

Are you looking for someone who has experience with expats from the Balkans or Arab countries?

Then I would be happy to help you. Because I have assisted many expats from these countries to their linguistic independence and I know exactly how I can support you. I personally spent most of my life in Austria with Croatian roots and have been living in Lebanon as an expat with my family for the past six years.

Are you looking for someone who understands you as a beginner in German?

I will show you that you can say a lot right from the start and how you can use your mother tongue to learn German. As an adult in multicultural environment, I also learn new languages so that I can understand the obstacles my beginner learners usually face.

Are you looking for someone with experience?

You will have an experienced partner on your side to reach your goals, because as a certified language teacher in German as a Foreign Language, Translator and Linguist (South Slavic Studies), I know exactly what you need for which level. Furthermore, I have prepared for various exam formats from A1 to C1 (telc, Goethe, TestDaF, DSH, ÖSD) over the last ten years.

Are you looking for someone who combines communication and grammar theory?

You will see that my teaching method is diverse and can develop from a casual conversation to an interesting grammar deepening lesson or vice versa that a grammar theory leads to a lively conversation where you can immediately apply the newly learned grammar knowledge.

Would you like to arrange a free trial lesson before making the final decision?

Let us agree on a first interview, in which we determine your language level and your learning objectives. Based on this interview, I will design your personal learning plan. This initial consultation is free of charge and non-binding for you.

Our daughter aged 10 really enjoyed her lesson with Angelina. She is super nice and very engaging. Thank you!

,,You are a humble person and a perfect Deutsch teacher." 


Contact Angelina directly and schedule your trail class:



Whatsapp: 00961 76 859 491

Email: [email protected]

Your Review:

You took classes with Angelina and want to share your experience? Perfect! Let us know what you think!

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